Soumi Dutta Dasgupta
Lawyer at Achiever I am a Lawyer and love to cook. I will share my delicious recipes.

I cook fresh, tasty and yummy recipes.

About Soumi

Hiiii ….I’m Soumi Dutta Dasgupta… though m a working woman still I try playing with different veggies and non veg items….this came over time….as my love for colours became more deeper with ages….I use to play the colous on my Canvas then thought of giving it taste with love…. since it turned into cooking…. cooking is a passion for me … inheritance of my family…. Would you like to know tha reason for this … M A B BIG FOODIE 🥰🥰🥰…..I love cooking and serveing different dishes to the guests to night at my place…. I try cooking with fusion….it may b some delicious dishes but with the variation of my own tarka….