1. Make a paste of ginger garlic green chilli in the mixer grinder. 1st step

  2. Clean the chicken properly with running water and marinate with lemon juice, salt(1 tablespoon) in a mixing bowl. Keep it aside.

  3. Take a pressure cooker and put the marinated chicken in it with a pinch of turmeric powder and pour water and keep it for boiling. Let it get 2 wistel. After the steam inside gets evaporated.

  4. Take the bolied chicken in a bowl and make it into shredded pieces and keep the stak separately.

  5. Then take a kadai, heat it and pour refined oil along with 1 spoon of butter in it and add onion and the ginger garlic paste in it. Cook until it gets auroumatic. makhomakho bapar
  6. Now add the marinated chicken into it and stir well for 5 minutes and cover it for 5 minutes.

  7. Now open the lid and stir again and slowly pour the stake into it as much needed, to give it a smooth texture. Then put salt as per taste and black pepper for enhancing your taste buds. Add 4 slices of cheeses into it. Turn off your gas let it cool. egg cheese
  8. Take the bread slices spread butter on a side. Then take the chicken paste and spread it on the bread. Then place another slice over it.

  9. Finally, place it in the sandwich maker and grill it. Your crunchy munchy sandwich it ready to serve and eat. Serve with tomato sauce.
Cheessy chicken sandwich