1. In a large mixing bowl take the rava or sooji and pour the curd in it along with salt as per taste and mix it well and keep it aside for fermentation for 30 minutes . sooji uttapam chopped ingredients

  2. Then finely chop all the onions and the Carrot into tiny cubicles. Also chop the chills. These are for the topping. sooji uttapam chopped

  3. Now take the coconut and grind it . Take the pot of the mixture grinder put the grinded coconut along with 4 chilis and 4cloves of garlic and make a fine paste .open the lid and then put 2 tablespoon of curd , pinch of salt and half teaspoon of sugar and once again mix the ingredients and make the paste smooth but make sure the consistency should be thick enough and hold the texture as whipped cream. Pour the paste in a bowl . By the time take a small frying pan, pour 1spoon of refined oil, heat it well and sprinkle a few mustard seeds in the oil ,let it be automatic and just spread the oil over the coconut chutney to give it a flavour. Sooji uttapam coconut

  4. Take the batter slowly and pour water in it at times a small amount to make it thinner.(the batter should be running but not too much ).

  5. Then take a kadai or a pan, heat it and brush a bit of oil in it and pour an amount of the batter with a round shaped rice spoon. Then let it get cooked on the q side for about 2mits in low flame. Then put 1tablespoon of chopped onion and carrots with a few chilis over the uttapam . Get it cooked with a lid over it to soften the veggies. Thn just flip it upside down for a minute . sooji uttapam in frying pan

  6. Delicious healthy uttapam is ready and served to eat. Can sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves(optional).

  7. Serve it warm along with the coconut chutney…

Sooji Uttapam