1. Take a cup of Luke warm milk and add the saffron in it and place it aside to rest and release the flavour.

  2. Take the breads and cut off the side brown crusts .and keep aside.

  3. Heat a non stick karai and pour 1ltr of milk along with elaichi(optional).

  4. Pour a cup of milk powder and stir it continuesly so no lumps are formed.

  5. Then pour a cup or half of sugar in it for sweetening. Put a pinch of salt (very little just for adjusting the taste and balancing the sugar level) Stir constantly. As it keeps boiling it gets thik and it come to almost half of the previous amount . At that point make sure to pour the saffron milk in it for the flavour. As it reduces into half and thickens and the flavour of saffron gets enhanced properly turn off the gas. It’s the malai

  6. Take another karai place it to heat ,pour a spoon off ghee in the karai and heat it. Then pour the rest of the amount of milk into the ghee . Mix it well with the ghee and then mix half a cup of milk powder and 2 spoons of sugar and stir constantly. Make it in the form of kheer. Our stuffing is ready .

  7. Take the bread slices and press it upside down to make it thinner than normal . Then the the stuffing and roll it in ur hand and put it in one side of the bread and just roll it and to fix the side tap ur fingers in water or brush water a bit and fix it . Make the rolls following the procedure.

  8. Place th rolls as per ur choice may b vertical or a nice borocil and just pour the luke warm malai over it . Luke warm malai is more preferable to make the rolls softer make sure it covera all the rolls. For garnishing just grind all the nuts togather and sprinkle all over… Thanks. Just make it and have fun. Hope you all like it.

Bread malai roll