1. Get a whole chicken and prick it with a fork. Now take a grinder jar and make a paste with (onion,ginger,garlic,tomato,green chillies,garam masala pwd,cinnamon,cardamon,black pepper,cloves,curd,vinegar,turmeric pwd,orange color,salt,2tbsp refined oil).

  2. Now marinate the chicken with this masala paste (quantity as required) for 5-6 hrs in refrigerator.

  3. Take a heavy bottom (iron) vessel. Pour 3-4 tbsp refined oil in it and heat it.
  4. Now add the remaining masala paste n fry it for 5 mints. Place the marinated chicken in it along with cut onions. Cover it and turn the chicken occasionally as required. After 45 mins check the chicken if its cooked then serve with Indian Breads and salad.

*You can add potato cut into 4 pcs along with the chicken

Murg mussallam