1. Marinade the chicken with cornflour,egg,ginger-garli</span></wbr>c paste,vinegar(1/</wbr>2tsp),black pepper,salt to taste. Keep it for 1-2 hours. Heat some oil for frying.Fry the marinated chicken till golden brown and crispy. Keep aside.
Cut all the vegetables as shown in the picture.
Heat some oil in a pan add sliced onions saute till golden brown. Add chopped ginger - garlic ,slit green chili and saute it 5-6 minutes. Add Capsicum in it cook for 5-7 minutes.Then, add the remaining onion cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the sauce cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the fried chicken and toss it in.Mix it really well cook for 5 minutes and serve hot.
Crispy Chicken with Onion and Capsicum